Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Amazing Magi

May 8, 2016
This is the initial post of my blog.  I will use it to talk about the entertainment business, and specifically my Magical Entertainment Business as The Amazing Magi. I am a professional magician who specializes in family entertainment.  I have been performing professionally for 8 years and have performed all over the East Coast.  I have performed in Churches, Schools, Preschools, Nursing Homes, stadiums, arenas, homes, clubs and much more.  I also have performed on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

One of the pressing questions parents might have about an entertainer, particularly when inviting an entertainer into their home, is how do I choose the correct performer.  There are many entertainers to choose from. The prices will vary. I caution any prospective parent or anyone else choosing a performer to focus on more than just the price.

I will not argue that cost is not important. It is, but it is only one factor in choosing the correct performer.  Does this performer have experience? Does he/she have references? Is there a website where you can find out more about this performer including video of the performer? Does this performer have appropriate background checks, particularly if he/she is working with children? Is the performer properly insured? Are you comfortable in hiring this performer?

There are many variables involved in choosing the performer you need for your function.  In further posts I will talk about magic, balloon sculptures, puppets and more. I will also talk about various shows I have done.  In the meantime, if you are interested check out my website at, email me at or call me at (610) 698-0311. 

Magically Yours,
Michael L Reist
The Amazing Magi

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